Tips and Tricks for Fall Family Photos (Chicago Fall Family Photographer)

Fall is just around the corner Chicago, and we're so excited!!

To many fall means: pumpkin patches, apple picking, changing leaves, hot ciders, and costumes! While we agree all those things make us feel warm and cozy, we believe that fall is also one of the best times to get some stunning pictures taken.

Between the colorful natural backgrounds and the changing sunlight there are so many fun and easy ways to make sure your family's personality shines through with every shot. 

Of course the fall landscape seems like a easy way to get spectacular family photos it can also be a little overwhelming, especially when it comes to what to wear! From oranges, to deep purples and blues, there are so many color combinations that can compliment the natural landscape and really make your pictures pop. 

We're complied some great outfit ideas on our Kidographer Pinterest account to help inspire what you'd like your family to look like. 


chicago fall family photos

In addition here are a couple of autumn photography tips to help you before booking your next session!

1. To make the most of the changing light, schedule your photography session about an hour o so before the sun sets. Remember to bring a cozy jacket or blanket! 

2. Have fun! Explore with your family, tell jokes, look for acorns. This will help us capture the light and feeling of your family's personality that will make the photos all the more meaningful. 

3.  Remember to get creative. One of the best parts of the autumn season are the leaves! Use them as props for crumbing, blowing towards the camera or just playing in! 

4. As discussed pumpkins are the great cliche, but there are other great natural fall props. Try shooting in apple orchard or a sunflower field for the same kind of fall adventure photos with a new twist! 

5. While catching the golden hour and bright tones in your photos are often the coveted option consider also shooting earlier in the morning. The grays and browns that Chicago has to offer during the fall day can also add great contrast to your family's outfits and energy.

6. Let them play. Allowing your kids to have fun during the photography session will get the most beautiful smiles if you simply try to capture the moment. Setting the scene for a perfect picture generally causes unwanted stress and frowns.

8. Wait until they tire of playing. Eventually your kids will slow down and you can get some more traditional portrait shots. 


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