I grew up in Chicago and after graduating from Loyola Academy, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia College in Chicago and a Masters in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I started out as a Movie Stills Photographer, shooting behind the scenes, talent portraits and film posters in Los Angeles and New York. After having my son Maxwell, I started exploring family photography, my style is modern and cinematic, influenced from my time working on movie sets. The Kidographer is a studio dedicated to producing fun, artistic and cinematic kids and family photography!
— Andre
Originally from London, I have worked at British and American Vogue as Assistant Fashion Bookings Editor & Shoot Producer and as a Photo Editor for dailymail.com. Andre and I met on a shoot whilst I was living in NYC, but after five years in the city and the arrival of our wonderful son Maxwell we realized the city was no longer for us. We started The Kidographer after moving to Chicago, a city that still amazes me with how family orientated and child friendly it is. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to put together our backgrounds in photography, production & photo editing and of course, Maxwell provides us with constant inspiration!
— Emma
I love pieces of paper, banging on things, hairdryers, cell phones, long baths and any type of food. I HATE sitting in my carseat , naps and hats. I am a morning person! Although I don’t have any official qualifications yet, I am currently in my first semester at a Music Together class and the bugs class at the little gym, graduating both this summer!
— Maxwell